March 18, 2012

From Home to Hookman's Road

Mike and his Dad, Dale. 
They don't stay still very long, 
so I had to act fast when they stepped together for a pose.
I love these men.

Bowling ball that thinks it's a gazing ball…

Upright Willows and Blooming Pear

Mike trimming around a surprise Gerber Daisy

Tulip bed at Christians Funeral Home.

There are worse places.

Hookman's Road
Mike can tell the story of why it's called Hookman's Road, 
but I won't go into details here. The name "Hookman's Road" 
is enough to get the imagination primed. The road winds in among some 
beautiful Kansas country off the main roads. Travel at your own risk!


Tim Newcome said...

Always like the Sunday photo segment!

TAB said...

I just love the photo of Dad and Grandad! They look a lot alike!

The upright willow and blooming pear are goregous! I love tulips!

Olivia said...

I love your photos and captions! What a great picture of Dad and Grandad! :)

tsbjf said...

Nice shot of the guys! I think they are like most males, posing for pics is not high on their priority list. :)

Seeing Through New Eyes said...

I love the bowling ball/gazing ball!

"And when I cannot stand; You are where I land."

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