March 28, 2012

Lovely Day for Killing

Dad is mixin' up the Weed Eradicator

Buffalo grass grows naturally in Kansas. It is slow to green up, but grows only 1-5 inches high. Since it is a short grass, it doesn't require weekly mowing. 
It is thin-bladed, dense and soft.
Most important, the native Buffalo Grass thrives in heat and drought.
Hot and dry may describe most Kansas summers, but this spring has been mild, damp and beautiful! While the grass is just coming out of dormancy, the weeds are wasting no time! It was a lovely day for killing weeds!

Dad- Thank you for tackling the turf!
Thanks also for sweet fellowship breaks!

Dandelion Carpet Getting a Shock

Donald Wyman Crabapples 

I kept thinking how Mom loved these Crabapple trees! 
She loved to see them in their glory! 
Then I'm reminded of how much more glorious is heaven! 
Still, I miss her. I miss my Mama.

Crabapple Buds and Blossom:


TAB said...

I'm glad you had a day of fellowship AND dandelion killing. :-)

The crab apple blossoms are gorgeous!

Olivia said...

Those buds and blossoms are gorgeous!

I sure miss grandma too.

Zoanna said...

I keep chuckling about your title. :) So glad you have a loving killer in your midst.

Laurie said...

Zoanna- Ha! Your joke kills me!

tsbjf said...

I liked the title too. :)

Such pretty blossoms! Nice pic.

And does your dad travel? I've got a dandelion carpet in need of some killing... :)