March 7, 2012

Mike, Yoda, Liv and Kids

Mike and Yoda
(Mike says that as he ages, he's looks more and more like Yoda. I don't see it, but he says it's in the ears.)

Sean and Yoda

Liv, Lily, Chloe, Sean and Eleanor


Tim Newcome said...

better yoda than jobba the hut.

Cute kids and wizened man.

Olivia said...

Oh Dad!

Tim Newcome said...

looks like it, Mike does. Of yoda Mike image is.

Laurie said...

Funny Tim!
"Always in motion is the future."

TAB said...

Too funny!!
Love the family pics.
Miss you guys.

Chris said...

he's not the only one to claim the Yoda look--it's funny how people think that.

I agree with you--I don't see it...