October 5, 2011

Tomtens Look Out to The Dance Circle Awaiting Hyllningsfest 2011

Store front tomtes with a nice view of the dancers and bands practicing for the festivities!

It seems likely that these Store Front Tomtes know how to play and dance a Swedish …...

Mr. Tomte has his eyes on the Julbok.

"Have you seen any cardinals lately?"

Here is an early silent! film of the 1954 Hyllningsfest parade filmed by Dr. Holwerda which is inserted here more "for the record" rather than for a long viewing:


Olivia said...

and more importantly...would you eat a cardinal??? lol ;)

Nice pics mom! Please forgive me for not taking time to watch the video...maybe another day...

Laurie said...

Liv- Of course I forgive you for not watching the video! You get to sit through the whole 2011 parade this year which is much longer than back in 1954!

How to answer a cardinal question is the question!

TAB said...

Great photos and fun perspective!
Wish we were at the hyllningsfest festivities!