August 11, 2011

Gimme an "M"!

Chloe in a "pout" and Granddad 
I am so pleased that Chloe does a lot more smiling than pouting these days! She is truly a pleasant child.

Ellie is showing me that she knows how to hold scissors correctly!

Curious George was a well-behaved guest!
Sean is cutting out an "E" for "Eleanor"
He also made: G, M and C.  First name initials were taped onto the owner... 

"G" for Grandad

"S" for Sean
Eleanor's "E" lost a few horizontal lines. Now there is an "L" for, well, for L" eanor!
See Chlo-bear movin' her step-stool in so she can be part of the picture!

"C" for Chloe!

Sean got the fun idea of making a paper track (paper trail?) through the house which was a fine use of my stack of scratch paper. Really!


Olivia said...

When was that???
Fun pictures!

Laurie said...

Maybe Chris' b-day? When did they stay? Homeschool convention? Oh they had a lot of paper fun!

Zoanna said...

What a cute, creative bunch! They make me smile.

TAB said...

my word i miss those kids and my dad and mom!!!

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