May 17, 2011

A Garden and Memories Old and New

These photos were taken in my Dad's backyard. Dad and Mom worked on these beds together. Mom's fingerprints are evident in the design details, plant choices, colors and everywhere.
Dad's fingerprints are evident too, especially in the work he does planting, rearranging and keeping things weed free, happy and watered!

As I walked around to take pictures, I remembered Mom's delight in flowers, plants and pretty things!

Pecan Tree and Gazing Ball

Rose Buds
Mom loved roses and cared to keep them healthy!

Red Roses and a Garden Pretty


Orange and Yellow Rose 
(Mom would have known the name of this rose.)

A Profusion of Fragrant Peonies and also Climbing Clematis 


Dad points and leads us to see red roses.

Dad and Mike look at roses.
Dad also has tomatoes planted and caged in rich soil!

Yellow Rose


Zoanna said...

Sheer beauty and oh, so many memories. I think I'd sit there and cry. Just cry.

Olivia Arlene said...

Their garden is so pretty! I took some pictures the last time I was there, but they look nothing like yours! Wow! I need to take some pointers from you...

TAB said...

Lovely touches of Grandma's green thumb.

tsbjf said...

Beautiful flowers.