May 31, 2011

7 Random Things

1. I’ll probably forget unless it’s written down.

2. I may not remember even if it’s written down.

3. “Hindsight is 20/20".  My 8th grade History and Geography teacher, Mr. Hamilton, used the phrase a lot in class. I remember being frustrated that I couldn't understand the phrase. Now it’s clearer. It's not consistently 20/20, but it's clearer.
4. I’m pretty sure that I’d vote for the Hershey’s Chocolate Kiss  in a “Most Ingeniously Packaged Little Chocolate Contest”.

5. I don’t think I need t.v.. Do I?  (Though maybe I need YouTube. ;)

6. I need music. (Yeah, I do.)  I’ve included 2 videos about Jacqueline Du Pre; I didn't know MS played a part in her life. 

7. I wonder more and more about the exceeding mysteriousness of God.


    Zoanna said...

    I am so with you on the "written down" stuff. And if I remember to check what's written down ,it might happen, might not! And the Hershey Kiss was ingeniously packaged. There's nothing else like it on the market. Everyone knows what a Hershey kiss is!

    Love the cello. Interesting video about J.D. But so sad about the horrible MS!

    TAB said...

    Nothing like a Hershey's kiss!
    These videos are very interesting but I'm saddened by her death.