April 4, 2011

Along the Road


Oh Drats! We noticed this sign a few days too late to make it to this little event!

That really bites!

Mike took this photo of the fence-tree merge.

Mike is looking up into a Cottonwood tree.
                                 (Tab or Liv: Who else stands like Dad with arms tucked in back?)

Mike is walking under a bridge by the Smoky Hill River.


Zoanna said...

Had to laugh. Was the event for extreme midgets (I picture Lego people) or extreme wrestling? At any rate, the very thought cracks me up.

And those trees can't make up their minds. Ever since putting down roots, they've been "on the fence" about moving.

Laurie said...

Zo- Yep! I liked these photos for some of the same reasons! ;)

TAB said...

Naomi used to stand like Dad all the time. She's since outgrown that stance or has since forgotten that behind-the-back hand clasp. Either way, it was adorable when she did that! Does Chloe stand that way as well? Maybe that's something most 2 year old do?

Olivia Arlene said...

The sign made me LOL!

Love the "That really bites!" :)

Love my dad! ChloeBear stands and walks like that with her hands behind her back.