March 8, 2011

Memories, Mom and Mercy

Of course I've been thinking of Mom. I've been thinking about her death and wishing like mad that somehow I'd have been more prepared... I've been thinking about her life and her love.

Mom and me 1962

Mom and me Christmas 63

Mom and me fishing

Me, Mom, Grandma and Steve

Mom and me going to a dance recital. 
I loved to dance, but I did NOT like the stage!

This was taken sometime in the mid seventies. 
The sun was in this groovy bunch's eyes, I'd say.

Mom and me in the late 70's.

Mom, Grandma, Aunt Arlene and me
Mom and I are "hippy-ish bookends". Mike says that Grandma and Aunt Arlene look hip and "Mod Squad" in their pantsuits. 

Mom and her Mom (my Grandma Mema) in 1980 something.


TAB said...

*Sigh* I am mourning for you and with you. Love you.

Olivia Arlene said...

I dream about Grandma almost every night! I think about her while I nurse Lily back to sleep in the middle of night. She is so often on my mind. It still doesn't seem real that she is gone. I feel like I'm waiting for her to get back from a trip or something.

That first picture of you as a baby looks so much like Tab when she was a baby!

Laurie said...

Liv, I know what you mean about not seeming real.
I know it is, but it can't be...
Yes. There are certainly Tab resemblances and I often see Livi Lou in looks and expressions!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie~
You were beautiful from day one....and you still are! I love you.
Memories are great...

Liv~ no dreams for me.... how does
that happen. Lucky you.

Love you all.

Zoanna said...

Been thinking of you again today, a month since your mom's passing. I'm sure you've been reminiscing the whole time and just wanting to pick up the phone and talk to her.

Love the stylish pale pink suit she's wearing on the way to the dance recital. Your face there cracks me up! Wearing your heart on your invisible sleeve;).

Praying for you. Many {{{hugs}}}!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have read and re-read this post several times...Having lost my mom almost 5 years ago (wow, seems like yesterday), I know how hard this loss is. I wish I had some profound words to share, but I don't...I do have a (somewhat) heartfelt understanding of your grief.

Laurie said...

Tab and Liv- I love you, darlin' blessed daughters!

Carolyn- You are sweet!
I haven't had dreams either, but oh the vivid memories of an expression, a moment or touch, a day spent together etc., yet- for the first time in my life I might understand what propels some people to try to "call on the dead". (I can't believe I admitted that!) But don't worry, God's Lordship and sovereign wisdom reign over the living and the dead, so I'll call on Him!

Zo- It doesn't seem like it could be a month already.
I've often wanted to pick up the phone and give her a call... When I look at the "going to the dance recital" photo and see my scowl and then look at Mom's face, I remember how gracious (patient) she was... She was generous with encouragement and love, sweet love!

Amy- "Profound words" are elusive just now...
Your grief sharing means more than words can say. I am sorry for your loss, dear sister.

tsbjf said...

What wonderful pictures, I love them all.