January 2, 2011

Snow!, King Knut and a Bit of Brunch

We recently had a light dusting of snow, but it was a treat for these Floridians!



She was rather enjoying sweeping snow!

Tab mixing breakfast

Marcail and Great Granddad (My Pop) eating breakfast


This is Mike reading to us from the Lindsborg News Record. I'd asked about King Knut Day and he said the paper had recently mentioned King Knut Day. He read a bit about Swedish customs. January 13 is King Knut Day. It's the day that a former king of Sweden (circa 994 – 1035) declared that the Swedes needed to quit partying and get back to work. (And that is a greatly condensed version of this king who demonstrated cruelty for a time, but is recorded as having repented... hmmm.) Anyway, there is still time to party until the 13th! Generally, in Lindsborg on King Knut Day, undecorating is done and there is a community soup supper at one of the Lutheran churches. 


Chris said...

A true Proverbs 31 woman, that Marcail! I'm sure Naomi will follow in her footsteps...

Shannon said...

Too bad we couldn't have had the major snow dump that we had today while Tab and the kids were still here! Oh well, I'm glad they got to enjoy some kind of snow at least. :)