August 6, 2010

Then, Now and Then Again

Curious George in the garden awhile back

Curious George in the garden today
Oh! See how the garden has grown!

Curious George reminding me of this song again:


Chris said...

love that curious george!

CG goes to the hospital was one of my kids favorites out of the series. i must have read it 50,000 times --always fun:-)

But as a mom, did it ever bother you that George did not obey, but somehow always got rewarded in the end? Not to be a fun story spoiler or anything--just sayin'...

Laurie said...

Chris- The fact that George wouldn't obey and it seemed to be "expected and accepted" in the name of "curiosity" does bother me!
Some years back, we bought a "Little Lulu" video. Lulu is a cartoon little girl. I don't remember much about the stories in the cartoon, but I remember Lulu singing after she was caught being naughty,
"If that's being bad, I'm furious!
'Cause what I really am is curious!"
(Yeah, right!)

Jill said...

Yes, I do and did notice how much your garden has grown, looking out your windows this AM!! It's like a forest around your patio--very nice!! Glad you're getting lots of mileage out of the Curious George fellow!!!

Olivia Arlene said...

I am always amazed at the growth of your garden when we come over! Curious George is crackin me up!

Laurie said...
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Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Jill- Thank you for buying Curious George from the thrift shop!
Thanks for being an encourager and thanks for gifting my family and me in numerous and various ways! George has been entertaining around here!