August 16, 2010

Sunday Summer Drive and Free Chicken Livers

A Bait Shop themed play shack tucked into the trees.

I'd never seen the like.
It must be for boys.
I think of a play house with white eyelet or red gingham curtains
and no minnows for sale when I think of a girl themed play shack.
I wonder if and how it is used.


Zoanna said...

Adorable. My Joel would add a sign to the front: NO GIRLS ALLOWED. (One time he spelled it that really cracked me up: NO GIRLS ALOUD.")

Chris said...

Maybe they are very enterprising young ladies who sell minnows and refreshments to the boys who go fishing in the neighborhood :-)

But you are most likely correct--it's probably a getaway for the fellows...

Olivia Arlene said...