August 1, 2010

Sunday Drive

We drove through calming countryside 
on a road with dirt like cocoa powder.

The crossroad balloons signaled celebration.

Kansas Grassland

Grasses Shooting Seed

Prairie Grasses swish, rustle and shimmer
 singing out celebration and praise.

The horses were so close I wanted to touch them. Instead, I rolled down the window to listen. I heard the quick tail swish sound made as they flisk flies away and another sound. I heard chomping. There is a grass nipped sound made at the moment the grass is bitten off the stem too. What is so comforting about hearing a horse's strong jaws and teeth chomping grass?  
Do you love the vibrant green of the soybean field?

I first noticed the tree roots in the sandy cut-away ditch.
The roots climbed and redesigned a Cottonwood tree.
With a closer look we realized
the roots belonged to a busy poison ivy vine.

The Ivy Entwined Cottonwood
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Chris said...

You are definitely a noticer--people who notice the beautiful things in life and share them with others.

Thanks for always adding so much beauty to my day :-) ! <3

TAB said...

Sneaky, stinkin poison ivy!
Love your sunday drive pics.

Olivia Arlene said...

Eeww! poison ivy, not cool!

Love your pictures and your way with words. Love you! :-)