August 17, 2010

Here's the Thing: Thrift Shop Shots

The D.A.V. thrift shop is one of the best near us.
It's junky and cluttery. It's full and surprising. And it's cheap.
The 4 pictures above are the entryway of the store which used to be a Ashton's Grocery Store.
See the sink beside the pink and purple bike?
I'd noticed it when in the entry of the store on Friday, then on  Saturday Mike was able to come with me to take a look and give his professional opinion. Would it work in our bathroom in making things more accessible?
He said he thought it would work, so we bought the sink for $4.49!
If someone was in the market for an overhead projector, one could be found here. Actually more like 12 could be found! The photo doesn't show well, but they were sitting around on various cabinets looking like a gathering of strange cycloptic-eyed beings!

See the lady in the 4th photo? She works at the thrift shop and seems to like her job. I asked her how they go through and organize all the donations. She told me a little about their system and said it is hard work, but she really enjoys it. She said that they are looking forward to putting out Christmas things. "When we have our Christmas open house, shoppers are lined up at the door very early waiting for us to open!"

Thrifty toys
The cart used to belong to Wal-Mart.
It's hard to get away from that mega store. I'd much rather shop at the D.A.V..

See the shelves of books? This is the area where Mike hangs out while I look at other junk. When I finally make my way to the books and aim the camera at him, he gives me this look. Don't let him fool you. He enjoys the book nook... for awhile. Look at all the books! You'd think you could find one treasure! Yes, there are treasures, but often it requires some digging to find the treasures!
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TAB said...

Love, L.O.V.E the thrift store pics!

Laurie said...

Tab- I have sweet momories of being there with you and with the kids...
When you come to KS, you have some thrift shop catch-up to do!

Olivia Arlene said...

I love thrift stores too! Never would've thought of taking pictures there though! You're so cute mom :-)

Rachelle said...

Oh, i love thrifting...just don't have much time to do it anymore! Thanks for taking us shopping-very fun pictures!