June 28, 2010

Sunday Drive in the Smoky Valley near Falun and "Why They Call it Falun"

Wheat harvest is nearly complete. Grass fields are being cut and baled into large round bales.

These last two photographs were taken in the almost forgotten little town called Falun (Fall-en).
"It's like someone takes a pin to your balloon."
Falun's not much of a town now, but the countryside surrounding Falun is some of the prettiest in the Smoky Valley. We used to live in that countryside near Falun. When we first moved out there, Lee Ann Womack had a song on the radio called "Why They Call It Falling". (We were giving country music a try since we were gonna be country folk) and when Christine heard me singin it with a special country twang, she thought the song was about our new address! "Why they call it "Falun", why they call it Falun, why they call it Falun, I don't know."
I never thought much about why they call it Falun, but now I know.
It was named after a place in Dalarna County, Sweden.
And now you know too!
Here's a father and daughter duo performing "Why They Call It Falling" together. Sweet.


TAB said...

Those are nice photos of our Kansas countryside!

Olivia Arlene said...

Cute story, I don't think I ever knew that :-)

Pretty pictures!