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"Oh! Are you home alone?"

Three grandcuties were sitting at the kitchen bar with Mike and me this mornng. They had already eaten breakfast, but I was just having a bowl of Cheerios. The kids each had a pile of Cheerios and were snacking and counting. At the ring of the doorbell the kids nearly shot off to see who was there. We called out to wait for Grammy and Grandpa, but too late. We hear a lady ask if Mommy or Daddy is home? Henry answers, "No. Mommy is at garage sales and Daddy is to work."  I hear the lady say, "Oh! Are you home alone?" "Where does Daddy work?" and "Sputter, sputter, sputter". I try to recognize the voice, but it is unfamiliar. When we get to the door she looks relieved and gets right to the business at hand. She turns her pamphlet around. We see that it is a Watchtower and realize that the two ladies are Jehovah's Witnesses. After we say our "No. Thank you. No. Really. Thank you. Goodbye.", I think of how strange it must have sounded to hear a child's honest answer that his Mom and Dad are not home! It turned out a good teaching opportunity about NEVER answering the door without a grown up, but I couldn't help but laugh hearing these three at the door...


zz said…
Hilarious! Kids tell it like it is--or the way they've interpreted it. Joel told a neighbor the other day, "She can't come to the door. She looks horrible."
Olivia Arlene said…
Too funny! But a good lesson for them too.
Chris said…
I always love the stories and pics of the grandcuties!
TAB said…
I still get a good chuckle out of that! I can just hear Henry saying that to the bewildered lady!

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