April 14, 2010

Here's The Thing

Have you ever been proud of not being proud?

Have you ever been proud of being not proud of not being proud?
Have you ever been proud of knowing you’re proud when you’re proud about not being proud?

Pride happens and as soon as we think we’re not proud is possibly when we are proudest.

Side note: I’m not really proud of this post and I’m proud that I’m not proud of this post and I know I’m proud about not being proud and furthermore “proud” is beginning to sound like a strange little word the more I type it. Have you ever wanted an incriminatingly proud person to shut it up?
I’m going to shut up now. (Aren’t you proud?)


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I so needed to laugh. Thank you!!

tsbjf said...

A good, mind bending read!

Olivia Arlene said...

Funny, but also true!

Isn't it weird when you say a word over and over until it doesn't even sound like real word anymore?

zz said...

If I told you I agree with your take on being proud, would that make you feel proud? If I said you make no sense, would your pride say to me, "You just don't get it, you simpleton!" OF course you wouldn't say that out loud, lest we discover your pride and not be proud of you.

This proud gal's gonna shut up herself.

Laurie said...

I'm just too proud that you were not too proud to comment on this proud post! Wait! Did I say that out loud? Oh No!

"And when I cannot stand; You are where I land."

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