April 6, 2010

Our 1st Thrown-Together Cookout of the Season at Cornado Heights (Post #2 Follows This)

I do mean thrown-together! Hot dogs, chips, marshmallows and whatever else we have on hand! When it's Spring in Kansas and the wind is calm there is no time to think too hard about what to eat. No time for complication.  Just go! Savor the weather and hopefully catch the sunset!

James and Tab

Naomi, Marcail and Henry

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Olivia Arlene said...

PLEASE CALL ME NEXT TIME!!! I was doing absolutely NOTHING that evening and Chris was working! The kids would have LOVED it! I know I would :-)

Laurie said...

Let's plan a next time (weather permitting of course)! We do things so randomlly and fly-by-the seat-of-our-pants (what does that mean?). Remember! But yes, let's make it happen soon!