March 11, 2010

Here's The Thing: Scribbles and Masterpieces

On scraps of papers and in
notebooks scattered on desk, nightstand, kitchen and bathroom counter or car console, I have scribbled thoughts, reminders or fair intentions.
My notes don’t look pretty like Mom’s. Her notes are embellished with
artful doodles and practiced penmanship.
She may take a letter or a word and write it till it’s right;
The perfect cursive capital “S” or lowercase “w”.
Simple words like “Elmer‘s Glue” come alive in her doodles.
A name written over and over showcase beauty:
Arlene, Arlene, Arlene, Arlene

My notes are scattered and unfinished thoughts, messy and disorderly scribbled on pieces of papers or notebooks:
"Hasbro Lite-Brite
Iron Man 2 Role Play Pack (The most evil kind of ugly)
6:30 Friday- Mom and Dad
Shoes, jeans, tops, deo. Etc.
Sharon’s concert- Call for tickets
On the border of neurosis and psychosis
Holding tank?
'Love in the midst of                        
Love in spite of
Love for the glory of'
To Finish: speakers, boiler, nail holes…
Don’t forget Jello for Sunday
March 31
Blk Felt Poster & Markers
'I hang by a thin, but strong chord.'                     
A Yellow band?"
These may not mean anything now, but they did at one time!

I turn a page in a notebook and Abigail’s drawings make me smile.
Abigail is a little girl who sometimes borrows my notebook during Sunday's church meetings.
She draws birds and mice, chickens, eggs, purses, tote bags and horses.
These I decide to keep even after tossing my messy notes and doodles.
I’m jotting this note as a reminder of how
Mom’s embellishments and
Abigail’s drawing are less like notes and more like masterpieces.       
Abigail's horse
Also Pictured Above: Mom's list and lipstick blot on Pillsbury recipe
(It's the only doodly thing of Mom's that I have, but I'm sure she has a doodle pad by her phone and computer!)
A pile of my messy notes


Rachelle said...

I have a friend who does this kind of doodling...I was always a little jealous that she could draw on anything!

Olivia Arlene said...

Tab is very much like that too!

I am impressed by Abigail's horse! Wow! I can't even draw that well.