March 14, 2010

Along The Road

Chevrolet Bel Air
"Cool car, I get it!"


Tail Light

Sideview Mirror

He hadn't planned on being color-cordinated, but when I noticed his shirt matched the car, I asked him to get a picture with "his car".
Sidenote: Mike celebrated a significant birthday today!


Then closer to home along the road...
Marquette, Kansas
An old gasoline station decorated with memorabilia

Along the road from our sideview mirror-
A sunset with a grain elevator in the foreground


Laurel said...

Love the car. And the sunset/grain elevator. :-)

Olivia Arlene said...

So cool!

Rachelle said...

Vintage love...classic 70s avacado green and those gas station signs! I would love to have a couple of those signs.

Zoanna said...

Fabulous car. I'm drooling. (You'd think I was a guy the way cars are in my blood.) Love the white wall tires and the steering wheel! Kudoes to you for the great shots. And happy significant b'day to your significant "hub"by.

TAB said...

Love the photos of the cool car! Nicely done!
Happy Birthday, Dad! I sure Love ya!

tsbjf said...

Cool pics! Nice matchie-matchie with the car :) . So a "significant" birthday, eh?