February 27, 2010

Along The Road

Here's a school that we drive by so often we barely notice, yet this day when the grounds and parking lots were empty, we drove around and tooks photos of 
Salina Central High School.

Cool design shows up in window placement, cement detail and brickwork among other design and finishing elements.

Reliefs from over doors close up:
Wheat, Milo, Sunflower and Corn

Sign above School Entrance
I can't help wonder and ask the question:
"Whatever it takes?"

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Olivia Arlene said...

Very nice! I'm liking the Milo of course!

tsbjf said...

Cool pics! I liked all the close ups of the reliefs and pillars, as I hadn't noticed those before. But I guess I've mostly driven by as well, as I went to South. I always thought Central was cool because it was brick, I've always liked that look.