January 30, 2010

On Our Saturday Drive

We drove to see Christine who seems to be doing better. We were encouraged by our visit and open conversation. I know I've asked before and I'm asking again,
"Would you please pray with us for Christine?"
Our desire is for her to get well and to be God's child.
Me, Mike and Christine

The Barton County Court House
Dentil Detail beneath the cornice
Mike said except for the spelling of dentil it could look a bit like teeth and be called dental.
The "Art Deco" Crest Movie Theatre in Great Bend
Crest Theatre and close-up of the decorated tiles
(Notice the cool blue tiled top and the even cooler blue sky!)

My notebook and the reflection

The Winter Prarie in the Smoky Hills

The "Question Mark Pond" along Highway 4
Here we are again
My loves and me

The song is one we listened to on our way home... It is recorded by Waterdeep. The Youtube version is a young gal singing on her porch in warm weather with horses in the background.
I'm lovin the lyrics.


Olivia Arlene said...

Pretty song! Looks and sounds like you had a pleasant drive. I know it's a long one though. Continuing to pray for Christine.

Zoanna said...

You and Christine have been on my heart and in my prayers. How comforting to know how deep, how wide, how high, how great is the Father's love for us all.

The photos are terrific. Love the dentil/dental work:). You've become quite the photographer and are so photogenic as well.

Jill said...

Sweet song, Sweet pictures and Sweet lady who I love dearly-thanks for sharing your heart!

TAB said...

I ditto every one of the comments above. Love ya guys!