January 13, 2010

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

(Below are lots of pictures. I'm adding to the scrapbook theme this blog often takes and remembering days gone by as I look ahead...)

When Liv and I went through more photos I ran into some of my favorites with Dad and me... I love my Daddy!

I was in High School I think

Tab and Liv were tots

24th St. where we had a swimming pool! Cool!

The next two are my Dad and Christine. Dad invested time going fishing, hangin' out and lending an ear or helping hand to Christine! I'm thankful!

My Dad and Christine

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My Dad and Christine

My Mom and Christine
Thank you to Mom for time and love invested in Christine too!

Here are more favorites:

Mike and Christine

Christine and Jackson

Christine and Crosby

Olivia, Christine and Tabitha
Tabitha, Christine and Olivia

Christine playing "The Great Dal Mudi"

Me and Christine in the 1st year or two of adoption

I love her smile!

This is one of the very few and the earliest we have of Christine before adoption. I would love to see a baby picture.

Please continue to keep Christine in your prayers

as decisions are made.
Please. And thank you!


TAB said...

sweet memories and pictures.
I am praying.

zz said...

Ditto what Tab said.

Olivia Arlene said...

Agreed! Sweet memories and pics:) I'm praying also.

Rachelle said...

What sweet memories and pictures. Oh, how I have a tender heart for adoption. It is something we are hoping is in God's plan for us. In His time.

I am praying for your daughter and for you. Don't know the circumstances, but that is irrelevant because God is in control even now.

Anonymous said...

Love you both and of course I'm still praying.....