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Happy 4th Birthday to The Twins!



James and the kids

Here is Mommy Tabitha  
 as twins celebrate their first birthday!
(The twins' birthday is January 10, but the party didn't actually happen that year until after Naomi was born on February 4th!)
Busy times!

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TAB said…
Thanks Mom, great pics!

Fyi: That first birthday we celebrated in February after Naomi was born-I believe it was just a week after her birth. So, I still had the pregnancy pudge but she was probably in Christine's arms being rocked or something. ;-)
Jill said…
Ah, what darling pictures!! Where does the time go?????? Happy Day, Marcail and Henry!!!!!
Laurie said…
Tab! I'm glad you remembered that, because I sure didn't! What a busy and beautiful Mommy you were (I happen to adore that after pregnancy pudge... I mean, at least you have an excuse! I wonder what mine is! ;)! You're still busy and beautiful! Hope the birthday celebrations are fun!
Olivia Arlene said…
Great pics! I feel like I was not a part of a lot of those times...but I guess I was busy too...just in a different way.

Oh! Well, I was still in Manhattan then right???

zz said…
Yours are the cutest grandbabies , Laurie. I love those grins.

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