December 2, 2009

Wreath Transformation and Simple Thoughts

We've been decorating for Christmas. It's fun, but it's a mess and always seems to be a flurry of energies that compound as I make small piles to give to a thrift shop or pass to Liv or Mom for gleaning in an attempt to rid out and simplify. I love Christmas stuff and I am learning to love simplicity, but simplicity is not as simple as I think it should be which could be a subject for a series of complex blog posts. 
Does simplicity own three glue guns in 3 colors and varied temperatures or does simplicity own only one? Or is simplicity knowing where to get hands on a glue gun and the glue sticks then get it plugged-in and fired-up in less than 3 minutes? These and other questions continue to develop my quest for a simpler (merrier, more relaxed, less complicated and less stressed) therefore more enjoyable Christmas preparation with time to sit down to savor a cup of Christmas tea and ponder more the simple, yet profound truth, that
"Within a crib my Savior lay,
a wooden manger filled with hay,
Come down for love on Christmas Day;
all glory be to Jesus!"
My desire is that even in the busyness and complicated flurry of this season, I would simply "Be still and know that He is God."

Pictured below is Busyness and Transformation: We had a wreath with creamy white bulbs, but the bulbs had become yellowed and looked... (Yellow snow came to mind.) So Mike and I replaced them with blue bulbs and some beaded garland. Thanks to Mike for his help with design and construction!


Laurel said...

Beautiful wreath! And I appreciate your "simple" ponderings. May He calm our hearts and fill them with Himself this season!

TAB said...

Good reminder! I need to do just that.
That wreath looks amazing!

zz said...

Ah, wonderful transformation. Totally agree on changing out the yellow bulbs. You crack me up. Yellow snow, complex blog posts about simplicity:). Thanks for the chuckle this morning, and for the simple sentiments about the Savior.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,
I stopped by the other night around 7 but you weren't home...
I have news ..... I am going to be a twins!!
sometime in July...
talk to you soon.
Love ya,

Laurie said...

Twins! Yea! Congrats to Andrew and Brandi and to all your family!

Chris said...

Beautiful wreath! And a beautiful post!

I'm also trying to bask in the beauty of Jesus' birthday and enjoy the process of decorating and doing other special things, rather than trying to hurry to get certain things done.

Rachelle said...

love the wreath! Oh for simplicity...I have yet to achieve the level that I desire!