December 17, 2009

Then Sometimes, Even Though I Have The Camera Ready, Some Shots Are a Shade Shoddy

This is due, in part, to the fact that we were at the mall which has fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is the worst for photos. Ewww. It casts the weirdest lighting. And it's due in part to taking photos of a turtle in the mall aquarium through glass. The aquarium is in honor of Kansas "fresh water" life. The turtles are my favorites. I'm intriqued. Here is one that was swimming close to us.
"Us" is Mike, Olivia, Sean, Eleanor, Chloe and me!

Eleanor looking in the aquarium

Sean looking in the aquarium

The middle of the mall pond/fountain area where a Christmas Kiddie Train circles. This is usually closed off with a platform covering the water and it becomes Santa's visitation domain. This year, it became a focal point with cool ornament balls floating, fountains spraying and a tree in the center. Bravo work! Finally they are "using what they've got" and Santa was at another location.

Chloe looking a bit greenish-yellow (but still cute) under the funky lighting

Red is pretty in almost any hue!


Olivia Arlene said...

Hey, you got some decent pics! See you tomorrow!

TAB said...

I think they look good! The only problem is that you were missing 5 other people that night!

Laurie said...

Tab- You are so right! It would have been FUN!