December 6, 2009

On Our Sunday Drive

We drove to John and Jill's house.
Their family hosted our December church "potluck".
Of the few photos I took, 
this one of a little hands-on nativity set used as table decor, turned out the best. It was bought from Avon, quite a few years back:
(Sorry about the shameless plug for my
daughter's new Avon adventure. There are Avon links on the sidebar of her blog and ordering online is welcomed!)


Olivia Arlene said...

Haha! Thanks mom:) That's a cute nativity!

zz said...

Okay, I have that same nativity set:) AND my sister Jill is married to John *(who goes by Jay).

Laurie said...

Zoanna- I'd forgotten you have a sis named Jill! Funny that she's married to John (Jay)! I didn't mention it, but Jill said this nativity set was a gift to their kids from her sister, Jan. I think it is so sweet every time I see it! (I wish it had shepherds, though~)

TAB said...

I like that set too!

Chris said...

I still like to put out our hand on Nativity!