December 17, 2009

Here's The Thing: Chinese Checker Check-Up And "I Can't Seem To Organize Those Marbles"

I don't know what's wrong with me! (Okay, I have a clue.)

Last evening my folks came over. Mom brought a pan of delicious lasagne! I supplied salad and garlic toast. It was all so yummy! We collaborated on Christmas goodies for dessert! As we waited for the lasagne to bake, we started a game of Chinese checkers. We finished after our leisurly meal. How fun! But I don't know why I didn't snap one photograph! I would like to have a picture of:

My Dad: The Winner (He's so cute!)
Mike: Second Place (He's liking Chinese checkers these days since he is not always losing!)
Mom: Third Place (She's so cute too! She should have won for all the strategy she worked on!)
Me: The Loser (What can I say?)

I'm thinking about how to have the camera more accessible and ready to grab-n-go instead of storing it in pieces: batteries, memory card and case placed helter skelterly around the cluttered office!
Sometimes my organizational skills look like the jumble of marbles in the middle of a Chinese checkers game!


TAB said...

Oh, man! That's too bad, but I'm glad you had a nice, leisurely meal and game of chinese checkers! How fun!

Rachelle said...

Good idea to have your camera ready to go, those memories are priceless! What sweet times. I hardly think you are the "loser", regardless of the outcome of the game! :)

zz said...

I was missing some good slice-of-life shots myself, so I decided to keep my camera bag in the hall closet close to the kitchen. Everything's in it and the convenience makes it easier to grab and shoot. I love it when hummingbirds are outside the window or Joel is playing in his own little world on the family room floor. But yes, we all miss some of the most precious moments even w/ the best intentions. For me, it's usually because I've let the battery die.