November 22, 2009

On Our Sunday Drive... night.
Christmas lights around town.
Some folks are lit up!
I'll have to figure out camera settings
to get better night shots,
but these weirded-out ones are kinda cool.

This is the bridge over the Smoky Hill River
at Mill and First Streets.
All the grand-cuties love to go over the lighted bridge.
When the Henry, Marcail and Naomi were younger, their word for bridge was "firge" and now "firge" has remained our word for "bridge".
We like to drive over the firge.
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zz said...

I love the weirded-out pics. I have some similar ones from last Christmas and 4th of July. Your firge pic at first made me think of a leggy bug skeleton. Cool.

Tammie said...

they are beautiful.

TAB said...

Love that firge!

Chris said...

Firge--oh, I love it!
We have some funny ones like that, too.

Quizeenos for Quiznos, Juloon for June, belbow for elbow, lasterday for yesterday... I'll have to refresh my memory. I know there are more. We like to still use that preschool "foreign language" from time to time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Olivia Arlene said...

Very cool! I'm looking forward to driving around and looking at lights with the kids!