November 15, 2009

On Our Sunday Drive

Crabapples and Raindrops
Hanging from a "Donald Wyman" Crabapple tree in our yard

A Hay Field

A Road with a view to "Twin Mounds"

A Deer Posing for a photo
(Check out the green grass of the wheat while so many things are giving way to almost winter!)

Curious Cows

"How Now, Brown Cow"


Laurel said...

I so enjoy these!

Olivia Arlene said...

I always look forward to your Sunday drives:)

zz said...

These are beautiful pictures. Did you upgrade your camera? They are so sharp and close-up.

To my mind, there's little else sweeter than cows' faces. Those chocolate dewy eyes melt me every time. They always remind me of my Grandpa who was a Kansas farmer (I grew up loving his farm in Valley Falls). As for the hay bales, my aunt once said when looking out acorss a field of those huge bales," Must've been a mighty big elephant."

Laurie said...

We have the same "Canon Powershot
A720" digital camera. I never know quite how the pics will turn out!
I am such an amatuer photographer. I know what I want to capture, but I don't know the proper settings for light and film speed or whatever other things I could adjust, so if I get a good picture, it's usually because the atmospheric conditions were right and my subject was willing! I love those cow faces and eyes too!

TAB said...

These pics are fantastic! I am thinking you're doing so much better than me now in the pic taking dept!

Laurie said...

Tab- I happen to think you have superior subjects! And thanks for the photo complement... If I could make myself read the camera manual, I might know what I was doing!