November 17, 2009

Eleanor and I stayed at Liv's

while Daddy was at work, Mommy took Chloe to the hospital for tests and Sean was at preschool. We read and sang awhile which I enjoyed, but I think the highlight for Eleanor was getting to play with my camera bag. She called it my "tiny bag" and maybe in comparison to my purse it could seem tiny. When Eleanor tries to say "t" words they come out as "s" words, so she played with my "siny bag" and a couple batteries. She got quite a kick out of that and liked wearing it around her neck.

Eleanor crawled up to be near Mommy and baby Chloe after they got home.

Chloe fell asleep in the car on the way home from the hospital after a big morning.Posted by Picasa


Olivia Arlene said...

Silly Ellie! Thanks for being here! You are the best Grammy:)

TAB said...

What a little love Eleanor is with her/your "siny" bag.
Sweet, sleeping Chloe!

OyaSophia said...

They are both so sweet. My baby is all grown up! I miss his baby-self.