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Save more. Live better.

It happens often when I go to Wal-Mart, sometimes even before I'm out of the parking lot heading in to shop or have my hands on a shopping cart. Usually at Wal-Mart I am reminded of the depravity of man; the Total depravity of man, (which is the 't' in tulip). My love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart has a way of reminding me. In the parking lot other shoppers and I clamor to find a good parking spot so we can hurry into the store that has "Save more. Live better." as the slogan. Do I actually believe this slogan? I'd like to save more, but somehow get the idea that Wal-Mart counts on their customers already having bought into "the more you buy, the more you save" slogan.
The second half of Wal-Mart's slogan is, "Live better."
Live better than who or what?
Live better than those who don't shop at Wal-Mart?
Live better because I'm saving more?
Live better because I'm saving more ... specifically at Wal-Mart? What part of "Live better" (by shopping at Wal-Mart?) don't I get? Here's what often happens.
I go into Wal-Mart and not only get distracted with the visual and auditory stimuli so forget what I'm there for, but I get distracted by people. I sometimes run into someone I haven't seen in awhile, but more often I see nobody I know, which is odd, (maybe most people I know are smart enough to avoid Wal-Mart?) then I see other people and am reminded of "total depravity". I think; How does God stand this? People are so rude, stupid, disgusting, loud, clueless and so obviously totally depraved.
I do realize that totally depraved "does not mean that all persons are as bad as they could possibly be." We are bad, but we don't exhibit all the badness we are or could be.
But these people! How does God stand it? How does He continue being merciful, gracious and long suffering? How!?
Or why!?
I had a story about a lady at the Smart Style Salon in Wal-Mart that I was going to write about, but I can't do it. I just can't pick on one person when there are so many others. I don't go to Wal-Mart to single out a person and meditate on man's depravity. I don't. It is usually the whole assortment of people that gets me to thinking of depravity. Then after I have internally ranted and raved about how rude or scudzy people are I'm reminded by the Holy Spirit that I am also one who is totally depraved "Who are you, Laurie? Are you different?"  I may be a bit more sophisticated about trying to hide my depravity, but it's me alright and without the "u" of the t.u.l.i.p. which is His Unconditional Election (the truth that He chose me not because He saw something good in me or I fulfilled some condition, but His choosing was unconditional as far as it depended on me), without His Unconditional Election, without His Irresistible Grace, I perish! What a place to also come face to face with the t.u.l.i.p.! Wal-mart! I love that God reminds me not only of my depravity, but of His remedy- His great mercy and sacrificial offering and love toward me even though I've been a smug and selfish brat. If He uses Wal-Mart to remind me of His great love and only reason I can live better, I guess maybe part of the slogan holds some truth!
Save More. Live better.


Anonymous said…
Laurie, I too have a love-hate relationship with Wal-mart. I would love to shop somewhere else, but there aren't that may other places to shop (thanks to Wal-mart driving them out of business), and the ones that remain cost so much more for everything. Having a large family makes it so difficult to pay top dollar for basics. When I see the multitudes of people, so many of them grossly overweight, sickly, tattooed and pierced and half-dressed, I go through much the same thought process that you do. Surely this is not what the Lord had in mind when He created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden! How mediocre we must seem to Him, in addition to self-centered and sinful, etc. For those of us who love Him and long to live with Him in eternity, how beautiful we will be then! Ginny
Laurie said…
Mike said you pretty much hit the nail on the head with your description of shoppers at Wal-Mart!

Yes, how beautiful we will be and in His perfect beauty!

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