November 18, 2010

Fa Fa Fa

November 17, 2010
First Out-Of-Season Snowfall!
        Heavy rain mixes with dreariness and cloaks the sky
Rain turns to snow
Snow turns to Fa Fa Fa

I've written about our Zune before. Yes?
Yes, well, I had tuned the Zune frequency finder and the car radio to the same supposedly unused airwaves.
I selected "Songs Shuffle" and next up after Fade to Grey by Jars of Clay came Fa Fa Fa and I say, "What!!?  I don't remember putting this song onto our Zune?" Then I remember! Aha! It's one of the factory installed goodies and I can't help boppin' along. Then I think of Tab when I see the palm trees!
And I think of my brother, Steve, riding bikes and skateboarding with buds at about the same age as these boys.

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TAB said...

Oh, I thought I had commented on this post! Woops!
I LOVE that song, so fun.