April 6, 2011

Earth and Sky and Home

Gypsum Valley Cemetery Entry 

A View from the hilltop of Gypsum Valley Cemetery



Clouds in the Sun

Curves and Angles
Wichita, Kansas

Building top with Spring Buds 
Wichita, Kansas

Flowering Pear Tree

Traveling Trunk

Road under Kansas Sky

"Nobody tells you when you get born here
How much you'll come to love it
And how you'll never belong here
So I call you my country
And I'll be lonely for my home 

from Land of my Sojourn by R. Mullins


TAB said...

LOVE, love, loooove these beautiful photos! LOVE them!
And I really enjoy the words of Rich Mullins.

tsbjf said...

My favorite out of this bunch is the second one down, the tree lined road. Just something about it that sparks the imagination.

Zoanna said...

I, too, like the second one best of all. It does make the viewer wonder what's just over the crest of that hill. And I also found the "traveling trunk" whimsical. To me it looks like the the lower half of a bow-legged cowboy in "bark" chaps.

TAB said...

James said, "She does get some pretty wild pictures. They are good! Like you'd see in a catalog."

Laurie said...

Sweet James. Oh I miss you ALL!

Olivia Arlene said...

Lovely views!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

laurie you amaze you have a critic's eye, you take lovely and absorbing photos! just love them dad