April 11, 2010

Sunday Drive

This is what three grandchildren think of our Sunday drives!
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Tim Newcome said...

Here's my 2 immediate thoughts:

1. Mike needs to speed up.

2. There is just not enough sugar in this family.
lol thanks for sharing....cute picture.

Olivia Arlene said...

Too funny!

Laurie said...

Mike says, "Ha! There are three large sugar cubes in that back seat!"
And Laurie says, "Actually, we were looking for horses. We saw a few, but kept driving pastempty pastures, so they gave up, which was a good thing in the long run (or long drive)!"

Tim Newcome said...

Well its fun to follow your blog and to see Mike work up the courage to post some...even if it is still the Old fashioned way. I still remember when I was just a little kid and Mike was still single that he would come over and visit and play with us all the time when we lived in Inman.

I would be interested to see what kind of projects he is working on in his building business. :-) You know guy stuff.

Laurie said...

Tim- I've heard Mike talk about your family offering sweet hospitality when he was a new believer. Then after Mike and I met, I remember the same. God is good indeed!

We've often talked about doing a photo log of the homes he has built. Maybe this blog would be a good place to do it. Here is a recent home he built that I blogged about:
(Actually that post has a link to a house he built last year.)

Tim Newcome said...

Thanks for the link...i'm just a new subscriber and haven't gone back through any of your historical posts...so I wouldn't have found that post about the spec house selling. It is really great how God provides....I know we have seen it over and over in our lives. I too am self employed....(pretty much like everyone in my family, including my dad now) working in the building trades so it is fun to see Mike's work. It would be fun to see a photoblog of his houses.

Tim Newcome said...

Ok just went back and read a lot of the posts tagged mike. It's neat to see your guys love for each other, the Lord and your family. You are a very very good blogger Laurie. I just don't know how people such as yourself come up with such great ideas to write about. If I had a blog I would be lucky to think of one thing to say a year. :-)