February 18, 2010

Moving Care

We walk in together
Mike and I
Into the house his hands are helping to build
The house in construct mode
Nels is there
He stops his work and turns to me
Faces me like a brother and a friend
Wanting to know how I am
I answer and sputter out my minimal reply
Sputter that comes out thick as a glob of paint splatter
A quiet drop to the bare floor
He answers back in the spotlight of a light bulb hanging from wires
Everything dusty and partially finished
All I remember is “Your care has moved.”
The answer falls flat
A blob of sheetrock mud to the floor
Yet it radiates like the light from the single bulb
Wanting to be more, but being enough
I nod slowly as I consider
“Your care has moved.”

And I imagine my care
Carrying a suitcase
Walking away
The scene changes
I imagine myself packing the suitcase
Packing my care
Walking away
Then I imagine warm sunlight
The suitcase open and full of softness
Touchable cares like silken garments
Or doves fluttering up and flying away
Shimmering silver wings in the light
When Mike and I leave
We walk from the house and from the dangling bulb
Out to brilliant light
I consider my move
I think of the suitcase
The Light radiating
Light of the world
Energizing and warming
And He moves my care

"In him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17:28

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
John 1:5

Nels would want you to know that his name rhymes with "else" as I want friends to know my name rhymes roughly with "safari".


TAB said...

Wow! You're a fantastic writer. I really didn't know this about you. You're truly talented. Not that I didn't know you were talented just that I didn't realize what a great writer you were.

Olivia Arlene said...

Ditto what Tab said!

Laurie said...

Oh my daughters!
Thanks for helping to write my life and thanks for reading.
Love sweet love!

Chris said...

so beautiful!