December 15, 2009

Three Favorites Out of a Tree Full of Favorites

My Mom made these first two personalized ones.
I love her touch and her pretty writing!

This one with a dog on a saucer sled reminds me of a dog named Jackson we had for awhile.
He was a wonderous and sporty dog!


zz said...

Sweet personalized ornaments. They are the best. Cute doggie on a sled. Did your dog ride sleds? Our border collie refused (or leapt out of kids' arms as they forced her to ride) but our Molly absolutely loves everything winter, including sledding with the chillins.

Olivia Arlene said...

Grandma does have pretty writing doesn't she? Love the dog on the sled:) Oh how I do miss Jackson from time to time. He was a good dog!

Laurie said...

Zoanna~ Our dog Jackson, a border collie mix, was a crazy thing! Actually, instead of riding the sled, he would run alongside trying to herd the sled! His very favorite thing to do was to swim in our pond (when we lived in the country) and the weather was warm. He'd splash up the water with his paws and bark at it! He'd do that until he was exhausted!

TAB said...

I forgot about those ornaments! I love them too.
Don't forget about Jackson and his ball.

Laurie said...

Tab~ I couldn't forget about Jackson and his ball! (He wouldn't let us forget!) He was a maniac about playing fetch! Remember that if he couldn't fibd his ball, he'd bring something else? My favorite was when he found an empty crushed water bottle or pop can and want us to throw it so he could fetch!